Farewell to Washington

Farewell to Washington


Rolling down Runway 14 for takeoff from Montgomery County Airpark in Gaithersburg, Maryland (Deborah Fallows)

by Deborah Fallows

“And with that, we were off in our small Cirrus airplane for the last official journey of our American Futures series for The Atlantic, flying away from frigid Washington D.C. and its political turmoil, on a southerly route to California.” (Read it here.)


How To Sign Up for Our ‘American Futures’ Newsletter

How To Sign Up for Our ‘American Futures’ Newsletterlead-6

by James Fallows

“At the national level, American politics is bitterly polarized, and the mood of the country can seem fearful and downcast. But city by city we’ve seen examples of collaboration, practical-minded compromise, long-term investment in a region’s future, and a coast-to-coast resurgence in manufacturing and other startup activity.” (Read it here.)