Flying West From the Winter

Flying West From the Winterlead-14
by Deborah Fallows
Flying around in a small propeller plane is more fun and much safer when temperatures are moderate, when the moisture in clouds doesn’t turn to ice on our wings, and when, after we land, we find people strolling on the sidewalks and lolling in outdoor brewpubs instead of huddling inside against cold rains or snow. (Read it here.)

How To Sign Up for Our ‘American Futures’ Newsletter

How To Sign Up for Our ‘American Futures’ Newsletterlead-6

by James Fallows

“At the national level, American politics is bitterly polarized, and the mood of the country can seem fearful and downcast. But city by city we’ve seen examples of collaboration, practical-minded compromise, long-term investment in a region’s future, and a coast-to-coast resurgence in manufacturing and other startup activity.” (Read it here.)